Ostap Syrotych

Automation Engineer, Cement LLC
Graduate: 2016 г.
Position during internship: Junior Electronics Engineer

Participant of the International Technical Programme CRH ITP Cement in 2018-2019 at the plant in Hoghiz, Romania

Ostap describes himself as... 
Honest, thoughtful, responsible, creative, love new challenges.

Sports, gym, books.

Professional development means...
A constant process that every person needs to feel happy. This is a continuous improvement of your knowledge, skills and abilities that allow you to perform your work more efficiently.

The most important things in people are...
Responsibility, honesty, diligence.

What motivates in other people
Their knowledge of their job, professionalism.

Планує розвивати протягом наступного року
Organisational skills; improve my English.

Inspiring quotation:

“It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes”.

Impressions upon learning about the internship  
A programme that offers great prospects for development of young professionals.

The first thing that impressed during the internship 
Tours of production sites.

The Internship Programme in three adjectives and three nouns
Comprehensive, intense, promising. Practical experience, professional growth, satisfaction with the process.

Difficulties during the Programme
At the initial stage, it was hard to get the insight of the cement production process and the operation of the equipment due to a large amount of information. But gradually everything became simple and clear.

What helped cope with the difficulties 
The openness of my colleagues, mentors, their willingness to share knowledge and help.

Advice to yourself during the internship
Be as curious as possible.

What qualities appeared during the internship
Ability to organise work, ability to solve problems.

What traits were discovered as a result of the Programme 
I’ve become more confident in myself and as a professional.

The secret of successful completion of the internship  
Good atmosphere of support in the work team."

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