Viktoriya Shaievska

Environmental Engineer, Mykolaivcement PrJSC
Graduate: 2020 г.
Position during internship: Junior Environmental Engineer

The reason for becoming an intern
I decided to try my hand at an international company while I was at university. The internship program seemed a good start to my career. And it turned out great for me.

The most valuable memories of the internship
What I remember above all is awesome application of practical knowledge at the big CRH plants, some of the best in Ukraine.

The secrets of successful completion of the internship
The support of my mentors and the teamwork helped me a lot. I felt that I was not alone and could always turn to my colleagues for help and clarify certain points. It’s really inspiring.

Advice to future interns
Don’t be afraid! Make mistakes, take risks, discover new things, learn from mistakes and move on. You will definitely succeed!

The best thing about the new job
Working with a large team of like-minded people and being part of something bigger than myself.

Plans for the future 
Career growth, new interesting projects and experience.

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