Dmytro Matviychuk

Electrical Engineer for Equipment Inspection, Podilskyi Cement JSC

Participant of the International Technical Programme ITP-C.

Dmytro describes himself as... 
Active, persistent, fair, kind, principled.

Athletics and weightlifting, kite-flying, volleyball, marathons, CrossFit, acting as an MC at concerts, reading books.

Professional development means...
Using previously developed skills, knowledge, stereotypes, actions, algorithms that go beyond the existing practice.

The most important things in people are...
Fairness, sincerity, respect.

What motivates in other people
Their being obsessed with the work they do. A never-ending desire for self-development and constant refinement of previously acquired skills.

Plans for the next year
Ability to more calmly respond to events and changes around me. Become more patient.

Inspiring quotation:

The only one easy day was yesterday.

Impressions upon learning about the internship
I could not even imagine that such a programme existed in my city. The chances of being admitted were negligent, but it was worth a try.

The first thing that impressed during the internship 
The first official meeting with Barry Leonard, Managing Director CRH Ukraine.

The Internship Programme in three adjectives and three nouns
Effective, modern, creative, development, motivation, success, professionalism.

Difficulties during the Programme
Not knowing whether, after all the efforts, the outcome of participating in the Programme will be successful.

What helped cope with the difficulties
I always remember the goal I set at the beginning of the path. If you do something in small portions every day, you will achieve a significant result in a month.

Advice to yourself during the internship 
One never achieves an immediate result in important things.

What you discovered about yourself during the internship
It’s hard to sit in one place, I always have to be busy. Persistence in achieving the goal.

What qualities appeared as a result of the Programme 
Adaptability, endurance, focus.

The secret of successful completion of the internship 
Constant work on myself and my favourite pastimes, hobbies.