Dmytro Mohylevskyi

Process Engineer, Podilskyi Cement JSC

Participant of the International Technical Programme ITP-C

Dmytro describes himself as...
Responsible, honest, modest, friendly, a person of integrity.


Professional development means...
A process that requires constant effort, striving for perfection and development.

The most important things in people are...
Openness, honesty and respect for people.

What motivates in other people
Purposefulness and commitment.

Plans for the next year
Improve my English, communication skills and knowledge of the cement industry.



Inspiring quotation:

"As long as a person does not know to which pier he is going, none of the winds will be accompanying for him" (Seneca).

Thoughts upon learning about the internship 
A great opportunity to develop and prove myself in a particular area.

The first thing that impressed during the internship 
Detailed familiarisation with all enterprises and departments of the 3 plants.

The Internship Programme in three adjectives and three nouns
Promising, interesting, useful. Experience, development, challenge.

Difficulties during the Programme
Overcoming the fear of speaking in public.

What helped cope with the difficulties
Family, colleagues and the desire to develop at this company.

Advice to yourself at the start of the internship
Study English regularly and learn the production processes.

What you discovered about yourself during the internship
That I like learning English and I can adapt over time to different stressful conditions.

What qualities appeared as a result of the Programme 
I have become more self-confident.

The secret of successful completion of the internship 
A desire to grow and develop.