Vladyslav Kalich

Mechanical Engineer for Equipment Inspection, Podilskyi Cement JSC

Participant of the International Technical Programme ITP-C

Vladyslav describes himself as...
Hard-working, confident, honest, adventurous, responsible.

American football, Formula-1, cinema, books.

Professional development means...
Not making the same mistakes twice.

The most important things in people are...
Honesty, hard work, humour.

What motivates in other people
Professionalism and love for what you do, and when people try to make the world at least a little better.

Plans for the next year
Improve my professional skills as a mechanical engineer. Learn to manage my free time better. Also, start learning management. And, of course, improve my knowledge of foreign languages.

Emotions upon learning about the internship 
WOW! That’s something new!!! Interesting enough to try. A chance and opportunity for development and new experience.

The first thing that impressed during the internship 
Attitude to Health & Safety, production volumes, and the opportunity to see and feel all processes.

The Internship Programme in three adjectives and three nouns
Informative, giving, multifaceted. Development, opportunity, challenge.

Difficulties during the Programme
Set my priorities right, learn and process all information, be responsible for other people’s actions.

What helped cope with the difficulties
My colleagues and my perseverance in achieving the goal.

Advice to yourself during the internship 
It is impossible to know everything, and it is normal to ask even the simplest questions. But that’s not about English.

What you discovered about yourself during the internship
That I like learning, but there is still a lot to learn.

What changed thanks to the Internship Programme 
Micro-planning of my day, I began to pay more attention to Health & Safety, and the environment.

The secret of successful completion of the internship 
The desire to achieve something in my life.