Quality Control

Our plants operate laboratories for cement quality control. We test products at all stages of production. To that end, our laboratories are equipped with all the necessary modern equipment.

Cemark Incoming control

Incoming control

The production process begins with quarrying raw materials and carefully verifying their quality parameters. We determine whether they meet the requirements of the standards and the internal process regulations. The chemical and mineral composition and physical properties of raw materials are integral factors ultimately influencing the quality of finished products. 

We mine clay, limestone and marl in our quarries and buy corrective additives for clinker production, additive components for cement, and gypsum stone only from verified reliable suppliers.

Operational control

At each production stage, we test semi-finished products for compliance with technical specifications. For instance, at the raw mill stage, we check the fineness and chemical composition of the raw meal; at the stage of the burning of Portland cement clinker, we check its chemical and mineral composition. At the cement mill stage, we regularly take cement samples and analyse them for sulphur trioxide content (SO₃; a component of gypsum stone), the content of additive components for cement, and determine the fineness of the cement.

Control of finished products

This stage includes testing each batch of cement for all quality performance indicators according to the DSTU National Standard; the plants also perform additional tests and analyses. Our specialists test the composite samples on the following parameters: 

  • fineness; 
  • cone slump; 
  • strength at 2, 7 and 28 days; 
  • steam curing activity; 
  • uniformity of volume change; 
  • signs of false setting; 
  • normal density of cement paste and setting times; 
  • content of SO₃ and active mineral additives; 
  • content of Cl- chloride ions and alkalis; 
  • mineralogical composition.

We provide each consumer with a quality document which details all the necessary indicators and results of the product radiation control.

Cemark Документ про якість

The finished cement is always assessed for conformity to the national standards by the authorised body. We also provide expert reports of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination, which confirm the product’s conformity to the safety criteria of cement.