Concrete Laboratory

Since 2014, the cement plant in Kamyanets-Podilskyi has been operating a modern certified concrete laboratory. Its fundamental goal is to disseminate the best international practices of CRH companies and leading research organisations in the cement industry regarding the efficient use of cement in concrete at our customers' production sites.

We provide advice and technical support to our partners and carry out tests at all stages of concrete production:

develop recipes;
perform input control of raw materials - crushed stone aggregate, gravel, sand;
test concrete mixes and mortars for workability, density, air entrainment, etc.;
test concrete for compressive and bending strength, water resistance and frost resistance.

Another function of the concrete laboratory is the final stage of cement quality control. Our team of specialists investigates the quality parameters of CEMARK cement in concrete. Its modern equipment enables determining the compliance of the concrete parameters according to both Ukrainian and international standards and discovering innovative solutions.

Cemark Anastasiya Bielohrad
Anastasiya Bielohrad

Head of Technical Marketing and Innovations CRH in Ukraine

Cemark Serhiy Mikhin
Serhiy Mikhin

Head of Concrete Lab

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