Mykolaivcement PrJSC

Mykolaiv Cement Plant is located in the southwestern part of Mykolaiv in the Lviv region. For more than 70 years, Ukrainians have been building from cement that is produced at this factory.

Cemark Mykolaivcement PrJSC

Mykolaivcement PrJSC

Cemark 900 kt of cement

Design capacity

900 kt of cement

Cemark 150 people


150 people


The project of a new cement plant in Mykolaiv with a capacity of 100 thousand tons of portland cement was approved back in 1940. Still, in connection with the Second World War, its construction lasted ten years. On June 14, 1950, the first process line with a rotary kiln measuring 3.6 х 3.3 m in diameter, 150 m in length and 150 kt of cement in capacity was launched.