Business Ethics

We aim to build long-term relationships based on trust and our core values – integrity, honesty and respect for the law. That is why we stick to the principles of sustainable development, responsible and ethical cooperation with customers, suppliers, business partners, local authorities, communities, shareholders and employees. 

The fundamental principles we are guided by are set out in the CRH Code of Business Conduct, which covers three areas: conduct in the workplace, conduct in our business practices, and conduct in our community.

Our rules
of daily compliance with the Code

Cemark Putting Safety First
Putting Safety First

If I see something unsafe I will stop and do something

Cemark Respecting Others
Respecting Others

I will treat everyone in my workplace the way I want to be treated.

Cemark Protecting Company Assets and Data
Protecting Company Assets and Data

I will take care of company property and will not steal or misuse anything.

Cemark Supporting the Community
Supporting the Community

I will be a good neighbour in my local community.

In our Community
In our Workplace
In Business Practices
Cemark Our rules<br>of daily compliance with the Code
Cemark Respecting the Law
Respecting the Law

I will not brake any laws. I will hold myself to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in my work.

Cemark Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

I will avoid conflicts between my private interests and my job. If there is a potential conflict I will disclose it.

Cemark Respecting the Environment
Respecting the Environment

I will think about the environment I would like to live in and play my part to protect it.

If you have noticed that the company employees violate the principles of business conduct described in the CRH Code, please let us know! Legal & Compliance will look into all described situations and forward the materials to the relevant manager for further investigation.

Contact Legal & Compliance.

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Violations of business conduct can also be reported to the CRH hotline.