Anastasiya Matkovska

Cost Control Administrator for The Project “Terminal in Vyshneve”

The reason for becoming an intern
I knew CRH as the market leader, the goals and principles that the company follows in its operations appealed to me. Besides, I was attracted by the possibility of the internship as a start of my career. I understood that I would be able to see the work of the company from the inside, see its corporate culture, try myself in various areas. The decisive moment was the interview: the candidates from all over Ukraine, the tours of the largest cement plant in Eastern Europe, receptions, presentations, case studies, multilevel selection, competent and open people – all this made a strong impression and convinced me that it is here and in this team that I want to work and will work.

The biggest surprise during the internship
I was very surprised by how informal and open the atmosphere within the company is. We got acquainted with the colleagues all over Ukraine, communicated directly with the management and – regardless of the level of the job – we could ask questions that interested us. And in general, the whole period of internship was full of studying, trainings, presentations, work on our own projects and regular meetings with the interns of all waves.

The secrets of successful completion of the internship
Openness and ability to get along with different people. The tasks set before an intern are always higher than their qualifications, so in order to solve them the intern needs to learn a lot of new things, first of all from senior colleagues.

Advice to future interns
Do not be ashamed to express your opinions and ideas. Even if you are not yet competent in some issues, your thoughts and a fresh perspective can lead mentors to original and efficient ways of solving them.

The best thing about the new job
First of all, this is probably the range and level of tasks assigned to me. Performing them – in addition to the development of experience already gained during the internship in the field of accounting and administration – enables me to expand my competencies in the legal and financial-analytical areas. I also line teamwork, the feeling that you always have someone to rely on, to ask for advice, or just someone to talk to during a coffee break.

Plans for the future 
Improve my skills in what I’m already doing, discover new interests and abilities, fight laziness and fears, try a cake in another part of the world, eventually become a better version of myself.