Maryana Melnyk

Production Economist, Podilskyi Cement JSC

Maryana describes herself as...
A keen result-oriented enthusiast.

Graphic design, skiing, economic psychology.

Professional development means...
The process of creating and continuously developing your own professional and personal value. Love what you do, and do NOT ONLY what you love. And also a lot of coffee.

The most important things in people are...
Quick wit, intellect and sense of humour.

What motivates in other people
I’m motivated by people with a sincere desire to change the world for the better.

Plans for the next year
Deepen my professional knowledge, the knowledge of specifics of working in SAP and of the production process. Develop my soft skills. Improve my English.

Inspiring quotation:

“How can you motivate yourself to do something? No way! Stay where you are!” (A. Lebedev).

Impressions upon learning about the internship 
Perhaps, I was the only one from the first three waves who learnt about the internship programme from an ad on At that time, it was just one of the few CVs I sent. Today, after all the way, I understand that it was my lucky ticket.

The first thing that impressed during the internship 
The first plant tour: the size of the equipment is impressive, and the tower is just the very place for people who have been afraid of height all their life. It was interesting to study the production process and organisation. That everything starts not from the quarry but from a market research and budgeting. And it ends not with bagged cement, but with good feedback from customers.

The Internship Programme in three adjectives and three nouns
An intensive and potential-revealing programme, a dynamic start.

Difficulties during the Programme
Understand the need for a comprehensive approach when developing a project solution. Quite often, changes in one business process affect the entire system as a whole. Changes in the work of one department may affect other departments. So, it is important to understand from the start that your team is not just the colleagues from your department. The principle of synergy. Someone is an engine, someone is a tyre, someone is a steering-wheel, someone is fuel, someone is a brake, and together you make up a car that is moving ahead.

What helped cope with the difficulties 
What helped to solve all difficulties was people and coffee. The company is simply packed with specialists, professionals and talented people. Most of them are not just open to questions, but look forward to them.

Advice to yourself during the internship
Spend as much time as possible in your department, find out which departments you will need to keep in touch with in the future.

What I discovered about myself during the internship
Despite my experience in design and my qualification in economics, I really liked process engineering. Each of us is unique. Thinking, knowledge, skills, experience, approaches to problem solving. And this is what makes everyone valuable. And when it seems that you have already come up with every possible idea and cannot suggest anything new, or better, or more effective - well, it only seems so.