June 30, 2021

Mykolaivcement is awarded as “The Best Tax-Payer”.

On June 26-27, the town of Mykolaiv celebrated its 450th anniversary!  

Mykolaivcement became one of the sponsors of the Town Day celebrations and joined the festival because the plant’s history is indispensably connected with the history and development of Mykolaiv.  

At the ceremonial session of Mykolaiv Town Council, the head of the plant Yevhen Poluliekh received “The Best Tax-Payer” award and a certificate of acknowledgment from Mayor Andriy Shchebel for Mykolaivcement’s active collaboration with the local community and efforts to solve social problems by tax payments and social investments. 

On the occasion of the holiday, the best graduates of Mykolaiv Gymnasium received nice gifts from the management of the company.  

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