September 05, 2021

Mykolaivcement presents its home town with a “Heart of Gold”

On September 4, the cultural, environmental, and social public event called “Book Fair” in Mykolaiv hosted two eco-installations entitled “Heart of Gold” for collecting plastic bottle caps: 

  • The eco-heart is near the “Molodiznyi” shop.
  • The eco-heart is in the square near the Municipal Culture Centre.

Mykoalivcement presented these hearts to the town community not only to promote reuse of plastic but also, together with the local residents, to support children with special needs – the collected caps will be recycled, and the money thus earned will go to charity.  

By the way, at the Odesa Cement Plant, the employees have already been collecting plastic bottle caps and handing them to the “Pchelka” charitable foundation for several years. In 2019, as part of celebrating 20 years of CRH in Ukraine, the plant set a national record for the number of collected bottle caps.

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