December 10, 2021

Mykolaivcement Wishes Merry Holidays to Orphans and Their Foster Families

Traditionally, before the Christmas holidays, Mykolaivcement joins in the campaigns to support the children deprived of parental care. This year, on December 08, the plant joined the children’s commissioner’s office at the Stryi District State Administration, which held a joint event for the orphans and their foster families. The foster families were given microwave ovens, and the kids received sweets.

“It’s nice to see the cooperation between the authorities and business, and even more delightful to see that the little ones are taken good care of. It is for the sake of those sincere and honest smiles I saw today that it is worth doing good deeds”, Nataliya Stoyko, Authorities Relations Manager Mykolaivcement PrJSC, pointed out.

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