October 08, 2021

Mykolaivcement celebrates 11 years of work without workplace injuries.

Our plant in Mykolaiv has celebrated 11 years of safe work, that is more than 4,000 days without workplace injuries! 

To acknowledge this achievement of the team, Mykolaivcement held a small celebration which included a “safe” quest for the teams, entertainment, and a picnic in the open air. As part of the quest, the plant employees were able to apply their skills and knowledge of safety in several areas: 

  • first aid;
  • road safety;
  • fire safety;
  • work at heights;  
  • safety on holidays;
  • safety at home. 

The work of the teams at each stage of the quest was accompanied by professional instructors. After the event, they specifically noted the activeness of the employees, team spirit, a high level of knowledge of health and safety in everyday life.  

We admire our colleagues, thanks to the diligent and careful work of everyone this date — 11 years of safe work — has become a reality! Many thanks to you all!  

We are sure there are new records and achievements ahead of us. Let’s move towards a common goal by joint efforts!