September 03, 2021

Podilskyi Cement supports the Khmelnytskyi Regional Hospital

The coronavirus pandemic continues, so medics need additional equipment and patients need better care.  

As part of the charitable initiative of the team of the Kamyanets-Podilskyi Plant, the Khmelnytskyi Regional Hospital received:  

  • Devices for intraosseous access;  
  • Emergency celiotomy kits;  
  • Intubating stilettos;  
  • Special anti-decubitus mattresses with a compressor;  
  • Compressor inhalers for children and adults;  
  • Pulse oximeters;  
  • Negatoscopes;  
  • Procedural couches with adjustable headrests;  
  • COVID-19 antigen tests.  

Take care of yourselves and your families! 

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