The team of CRH Ukraine are professionals united by a common goal of building our country.  We introduce best international practices, implement innovations and are guided by the principles of sustainable development in our operations. Everyone in our company has an opportunity to fulfil themselves and contribute to the development of the construction industry. 

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The advantages of working at the international company CRH

Cemark Experience with an international company
Experience with an international company
CRH is the world’s leading manufacturer of building materials, bringing together 3,100 companies in 29 countries. Collaboration with our colleagues gives us access to best practices and our global knowledge base.
Cemark Safe working conditions
Safe working conditions
Safety at work, life and health of our workers are our priority. We comply with all Health & Safety requirements and create comfortable and safe conditions.
Cemark Official employment
Official employment
From the first day of work, we officially employ you according to the current legislation of Ukraine. And as the icing on the cake, we offer benefit and compensation plans.
Cemark Inclusion and diversity
Inclusion and diversity
In our team, people respect each other and have equal opportunities.
Cemark Professional development
Professional development
In order for each employee to have the opportunity for self-fulfilment and career growth, we conduct training, involve in exciting projects and apply mentoring practices.
Cemark Medical insurance
Medical insurance

We provide health insurance to all employees because the health and well-being of our people are one of the company's main focuses.

Cemark Corporate events
Corporate events

Throughout the year, we hold various events for our employees which are aligned with our values: environmental campaigns, H&S quests, charity runs, corporate holidays, open days, and master classes for the children of our employees.

We have defined caring for people as one of our core values. Whether you have chosen to work in Odesa, work in Vyshneve, work in Kamyanets-Podilskyi or work in Mykolaiv, you will find everywhere comfortable and interesting.
Our employees are our key competitive advantage and make it different from others. 

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