The first school in Ukraine built using 3D printing technology


Innovative technologies, namely construction using an industrial 3D printer, help to solve the problems of building schools and civil facilities in a swift, economical and modern way. 

The first pilot project was implemented in the city of Lviv. School # 23 received an additional one-story building for first graders. 

The new 3D school is designed for 100 students, has an area of 506 sq.m., 4 spacious classrooms, a teacher's room, a dressing room, a lounge room, and bathrooms. 

The initiator of this project is the Team4UA fund, headed by tech entrepreneur Jean-Christophe Bonis. The architectural bureau Balbek was engaged in the design and development of the building. 

The work used a special recipe for the concrete mix: traditional concrete reinforced with two components. The first makes the concrete more fluid and flexible, the second accelerates solidification. The cement for constructing the modern school was provided free of charge by Mykolaivcement (TM CEMARK).

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