January 26, 2022

Kamyanets-Podilskyi Plant Recognised Top H&S Achievers in 2021

Human health is our topmost priority; that is why CRH has designed 16 Life Saving Rules. Their purpose is to implement clear and specific H&S requirements that ensure one consistent approach at every Group site, including CEMARK plants.

To complete this task, the Podilskyi cement plant assigned Sponsors for each of the Rules. The Sponsors formed the teams that fruitfully worked on implementing the standards throughout 2021: performed audits and identified the action plan for implementing improvements. Thanks to teamwork, there have been a lot of changes, both technical and administrative ones. Still, most importantly, such work in teams contributed to the significant development of the safety culture at the company.

On January 26, the three teams that did the most work on the standards in 2021 were awarded based on the results of their efforts. Also, on this day, the most enthusiastic team within the programme of inspections for workplace housekeeping was recognised because a well-kept production site contributes to occupational safety. Ana Diacova, the Chair of the Board, congratulated the winners and thanked them for their productive work, and the employees received the award and sweet presents.