March 08, 2022

Everything will be Ukraine!

Cemark Everything will be Ukraine!

On March 8, CRH donated 1 million euros to UNICEF to provide humanitarian relief to Ukraine. The money will be used to set up and run four ‘Blue Dot’ centres along the border areas., capable of supporting 3,000-5,000 women and children daily, offering refuge and safe passage and providing both practical and emotional support.

Earlier, CRH management, in conjunction with its board of directors, took the decision over the weekend to cease operations in Russia and withdraw from this market.

In Ukraine, our team is fully mobilized with volunteers, medical institutions and refugee reception centres as part of the provision of humanitarian support. 

Our employees who left the territory of the country, as well as colleagues from Romania, Slovakia and Poland, do everything possible to organize deliveries from Europe.

From the first day of the invasion, the top priority of our company has been and remains to ensure the safety of our employees and their loved ones.

For those who have decided to leave their homes, we arrange transfer and accommodation for employees and their loved ones in Western Ukraine and neighbouring countries. In Europe, our colleagues from Romania, Poland and Slovakia are greatly helping us 24/7, meeting them at the border, providing them with housing and everything they need.

Together we will definitely win!