The company is, first and foremost, the people who work for it. That’s why we value our employees the most. They make us an organisation where trust, respect and team spirit prevail.


MUAH invested in workplace improvement

2015-2022 data


of female managers

Data for 2022

We are building a corporate culture of inclusion and diversity, in which everyone has opportunities for professional growth and self-fulfilment regardless of age, gender, nationality, background, etc. 

CRH Ukraine’s age distribution (data for 2022)

Filling the vacancies with internal and external candidates (data for 2022)

We regularly invest in people development. The companies hold training to improve professional skills and personal efficiency, develop managerial skills, effective teamwork, etc.

Since 2015, we have invited the best university graduates to the Internship Programme. For the participants, it is an excellent opportunity for professional development and gaining experience, and for the company, it is an opportunity to attract young talent to the team. 

Since 2016, we have been operating the Management Development Program for managers and heads of departments. Its participants gain a more profound knowledge of management and marketing, learn the basics of psychology, develop emotional intelligence and leadership skills, select, motivate and develop a team, project management, and decision-making in a changing business environment.

Since 2020, all CRH locations in Ukraine have been running the CRH Global Frontline Leadership Programme. Its goal is to strengthen the managerial experience, develop leadership, inclusion, and skills for coaching and motivating their teams, strengthening its culture of health and safety.

Since 2020, we have had a programme for enhancing the well-being of our people, which covers five areas: physical, mental, emotional, financial and environmental well-being. After holding a survey among all company employees in Ukraine, we identified the priorities of the Well-Being Programme for the coming years. For example, in 2021, health insurance was introduced for all employees, and a vitaminisation campaign was held twice a year.

We regularly hold various events for employees and their families, promote our colleagues’ creative potential and team spirit, create traditions, and build Ukraine together.